About BSI Innebandy

BSI Innebandy is the floorball team for all students in Bergen. Today we consist of about sixty boys and girls, both beginners and more experienced players. 


When and where does practice take place? 
We practice at the Student Centre, situated on Nygårdshøyden. This semester (fall 2016) practice will be at these times:

Mondays 19.30-21.00
Thursdays 20.30-22.30

Mondays 18.00-19.30
Wednesdays 21.00-22.30


I have little experience with playing floorball. Can I still join practice?
Of course! BSI Innebandy welcome both beginners and those who have played for many years.

I don’t have any equipment, do I need to buy a floorball stick?
In the beginning of each semester we lend out sticks to new players, so everyone can try floorball to see if they like it. Later in the semester, if you decide to continue playing with us and pay the kontingent, you should buy your own stick that is adjusted to your height and to wether you are left- or right handed.

Does it cost anything to practice with BSI Innebandy?
Each player has to pay ‘kontingent’ each semester. This is money the club needs to pay for expenses such as new equipment, social events etc. The kontingent is 350 NOK for students, og 400 NOK for non-students.